Best day ever.

Today was quite the adventure.  A few of us decided to enjoy the nice weather and take some tubes out on the Pembina river.  It was a ton of fun, floating around and trying to all stay together.  Eventually we came to the campsite are where you can get out and walk back to the parking lot.  Well, we all decided to keep going.  We finally realized what a bad idea that was, because now we were stranded and on the wrong side of the river.  Two of us did not have shoes and two tubes were ditched.  Needless to say, we swam across the river to the other side where we were able to walk up to the campsite.

Sam had no shoes, and decided to make some out of his shirt.  He also found two different sandals on our journey back.


patiently waiting for their hot dogs

Baseball game :  Capitals vs. Yuma

After a day of floating down the river we all went to the baseball game.  We had perogy hot dogs and beers.  After the game James and I stayed to watch a movie.  They open up the field and play a movie on a huge screen.  Tonight was Rookie of the Year.


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