Edmonton New Technology Society

I heard about this on cjsr and was immediately intrigued.  Located down town, ENTS offers a communal workspace for members to create and socialize.  There is a project room, a cafe and a library.  I’ve always been a person who likes to tinker and is very hands on, so this would be the place for me.  Sometimes it’s hard to find the resources you need for certain projects, or the space.  Shelby, Aimee and I wanted our own studio awhile back, and we searched around for something in our price range.  We ended up renting a room in someone’s house for quite some time.  It was pretty awesome to have a place to come and go to work on projects.  Anyways I think this is really neat and another reason to think that Edmonton is alright.  It costs $50.00 a month to be a member, and they do lot’s of activities like photography nights  and dinner and a movie.  Their website found here.


One response

  1. This sounds amazing!
    I want to refinish my coffee table… and my bar stool. And, possibly, a ladder I will repurchase at the upcoming garage sale.
    We will have to pick a Saturday.

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