Perfect Sunday

Sunday brunch with Aimee and Chelsie at New York Bagel Cafe.  I had been craving this place for months, and it was delicious.  Today I decided to try something new, so I went for the blue cheese and apple egg’s benedict.  We did agree though that next time we would try a new place, there seems to be a few places popping up around town.  The rest of the afternoon was spent at the dog park, but was more exciting today because I met up with my mom. This weekend my parents adopted a five month old puppy.  She makes my heart melt.  I want her to be mine.  I know I put a lot of pictures on my blog of dogs, but it’s basically like having kids.

“Hey mom, I’m going to get my whole body wet and then track it all over the house, so you have to mop the floor AGAIN”


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