It’s been awhile!

Hi blog, sorry it’s been so long.  Things have been pretty hectic lately, and I was away for a week visiting a friend in Philadelphia.  Before my holiday we were scrambling to get our invitations out and take care of some other wedding errands.  But that’s finished, and my holiday has come and gone.  I wanted to share some pictures of some delicious lemon cheese cake and buttermilk donuts that I made recently.  I was quite happy with both recipes, and will definitely make them again.

This cheesecake took all night to make because there was four layers, but so worth it!  Crust, filling, topping and glaze.  I’ve been on a lemon kick all summer, but no one is complaining.  I found this recipe on the internet, over here.

Who doesn’t love buttermilk ?  I found these donuts were so must tastier the next day.  At first I was really worried we were cooking them too long, and they looked burnt.  Then I thought they weren’t cooked enough and there was raw dough inside.  But they were fine, and delicious !

I also found this recipe off the internet, here.

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