Recipes I have enjoyed

Thousand-Layer Chocolate Chip Cookies

from Sarah Copeland

This is another favorite recipe from The Newlywed Cookbook.  These cookies were amazing and so much fun to make!  Layering dough and shards of chocolate together is genius.  I have honestly been trying different chocolate chip cookie recipes for what feels like forever and I have found my new ‘go to’ cookie.  I also took some to work and they were a hit!  This recipe can be found here on Martha Stewart’s website along with a video! Also check out Sarah’s lovely blog.

Meringue Swirls from Martha Stewart

Speaking of Martha Stewart, I have the Martha Stewart Living app on my ipad and i love it.  I tried these Meringues and they were delicious.  Vanilla bean and orange zest added a nice kick to them.  Recipe found here.

Earl Grey Dark Chocolate Cupcakes from Desserts for Breakfast

A recipe from the first issue of Sated Magazine, a quarterly publication and each issue they focus on a single food subject.  These cupcakes were so tasty and the ingredients were different from any cupcakes i’ve made before.  Find out more on Stephanie’s blog about the magazine, recipe, and see her lovely photos.

Please share any recipes that you have been enjoying!


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  1. My mouth literally watering as I’m typing this! I can’t wait to try those Earl Grey cupcake for myself. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and ideas.

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