Gingerbread House for your Coffee Mug

I finally made these!!  I have been meaning to make these for years and I’m so glad I finally did.  Spotted on Not Martha years ago.  Megan’s blog is awesome!





tiny house

A few tips I have for these are:

  • Definitely don’t skimp on the refrigeration times
  • Use the proper tool to cut out the shapes and make sure they are straight.  Helps when assembling them.  I did not use a little slicer, but a small knife and my cookies were not as smooth as they could have been.
  • Roll the dough out thin.  I didn’t really pay attention to the thickness, but the thinner the better.
  • I cut the gingerbread recipe in half and found that was plenty
  • I also used a pre mix bag of royal icing to make things easier.  Just add water.
  • Double count your cookie cut outs making sure you have the right number of roofs and walls to match up
  • Keep adding icing as your clue if you find the cookies aren’t sticking.  Keep a damp cloth over royal icing so it doesn’t dry out.

These definitely were not perfect but a lof of fun to make and I expect my next batch to turn out a bit cleaner looking!   I am giving these away as little Christmas gifts.


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  1. These are so cute! I totally need to remember them for next year – although I’m not sure I can resist the idea of making them from shortbread dough and icing them in spring colours…

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