A Few DIY Crafts for the Home

Beaded Cocktail Stirrers


Drink Stir Sticks

I saw this on Scout and new I had to make these immediately.  I love making anything with beads and cocktails.  Hopefully we can have some people over for some cocktails soon, our bar keeps growing.

 Book Holder – Anthropologie  Inspired

Cook Book Holder

Cook Book Holder

I saw this DIY on Pinterest and knew this was the project for me. Wholly Kao did an amazing tutorial for this book holder. I love cook books, you could call it an…. addiction really, so I decided to make one for a few favourite cook books to keep close to the kitchen.  I also love Anthropologie but it can sometime be pretty pricey.  I had almost all of the tools/supplies needed for this project so I gave it a go.  However I don’t seem to have much patience for taking proper measurements or cutting in a straight line, as you can see my book holder is not very even at the bottom.  I’m also not that thrilled with the stain I used, but it was what I had.  I will definitely try to make another one of these soon.

My Cook Books


Constellation Coasters



Constellation Coasters



Another great tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect – who doesn’t need coasters?  Anything to do with constellations I’m game.


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  1. Your writing is always delightful! Makes me feel like palling around with you. And your photos make me feel fresh, sparkly, like the sun is rising high. Thank you very much for sharing it! It is very inspiring.

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