ABC Embroidery Sampler

I finally have some free time to share my ABC embroidery sampler that I completed a few weeks ago.  This amazing pattern is from Alicia Paulson.  This was my first time attempting embroidery and it was a ton of fun.  Alicia provides all the details you need for each stitch, and if I wasn’t sure it was easy enough to find a you tube video of the stitch in question.  I definitely did not follow the color scheme and enjoyed picking my own colors.  However I’m sure I will stitch this pattern again (I plan to make one for Owen and Elliot) and I will try the colors that Alicia recommends. They do go well together. I picked a cheaper frame as well, I couldn’t really decided what color of frame would go well with the white background.  I made this for my nephew Carson’s nursery, hopefully he likes it one day!

I saw this pattern on One Sheepish Girl’s blog.  Meredith did an amazing job and I can only hope my next one looks as good.