Wedding Photos!

I’ve had these photos for a week now but I was away in the mountains.  I’m so excited to share these photos from our wedding, all from the lovely and talented Carmyn Joy Eff.  I have adored Carmyn’s work for years now, and was so happy when she said YES.  It was really hard to narrow down what pictures to put up but Carmyn has some on her blog too, check it out!

Our wedding was very DIY.  All of the decorations were made by myself and my bridesmaids/friends, centre pieces for tables were items from around my house.  The wedding dress I wore was worn by my husbands Grandmother and mother, how special!  My veil and flowers were made/arranged by a talented family friend.  My hair and makeup was done by Amy, a beautiful bridesmaid. My brooch bouquet was made by my mother-in-law, isn’t it amazing?!?  All of the desserts were made my family and friends.  Our take home gifts were chocolate bars made by my talented sister-in-law Rebecca.  Rebecca also made my delicious and lovely wedding cake!  How lucky  am I?

Other fun things included a jazz band, popcorn machine, a photo-booth that we rented, keg stands done by all, and a sweet dance party with two awesome djs.  Thanks again everyone for all of the help and for coming!


My Wedding Shower

I know every girl must say this, but I have the best bridesmaids!  Aimee, my maid of honour, organized the shower and had Amy, Julie, Joanne and Tanner help out.  They all did such an amazing job, THANK YOU !!!  The theme was to dress up as a 1950’s housewife with an apron and to bring a recipe for me.  I love to cook and bake, obviously :).  There was amazing food and desserts, pretty flowers and decorations!  They baked up cookies and gingerbread men and had a contest to see who could decorate their cookies like James and I the best.  I had a tough time choosing the winners.  I loved them all.  I managed to snap a few pictures, but Amy was also taking photos.  I am so thankful for that.

Here are a few that I took

Look how good these ladies look!

 Tanner and my mom, amazing chocolate dipped liquorice made by Amy

Joanne, one of my bridesmaids!

Here are some photos that Amy took. Aren’t they so great?!  I’m always telling her she should start her own blog, she’s so talented at everything she does.

I have the best friends and family, what an amazing day.  I felt so loved.

Sudbury wedding

I flew to Sudbury, Ontario this past weekend with the Grants to see one of their dear cousins get hitched.  It was quite a lovely time, filled with amazing food and fun hangouts.  It was really nice to meet everyone and now I can finally put faces to names.  I barely took any pictures, and I’m not sure why.  However I did snap a few of the cake Rebecca made for the wedding.  Three tier chocolate cake, it looked and tasted amazing, she is amazing. I look forward to having her make my wedding cake (someday soon!)

When friends get married.

This past weekend my dear friend Shelby got married, to Brad, and it was awesome.  Aimee and I were in charge of decorating the hall for the reception, and we had a blast  doing it.  We also had help, so thank you ! (Neil, Kristin, Arielle, Chelsie, Eric and Shelby)   The night was filled with good friends, food, dancing, and the most delicious beer (Yellowhead).  I took a few snapshots, but they didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked.  Shelby looked absolutely stunning and was the most relaxed bride ever.

I’m the worst, this is the only picture I got of the bride and groom, and it’s blurry and awful.  I didn’t even get a picture of myself with the two.  Blerg.